My Elective Caesarean – The Pre-Op Assessment

Today was my ‘pre-op assessment’ for my elective caesarean which is happening on Thursday. As I’ve been pretty open with my pregnancy this far, I’ve decided that I’ll keep up with that endeavour and write about what happened today. I know with my date rumbling towards me (so quickly!) I’ve been scouting around for various posts and vlogs detailing the whole process and they seem a little thin on the ground – especially for electives.

My Elective Caesarean - The Pre-Op Assessment | She & Life |

First things first: today involves yet another blood test. No samples thankfully, but they do want your blood to check things over before your surgery and to make sure they have some samples on file for if you need a transfusion during the procedure. Obviously, if you opted for a planned/elective, you already know all those risks and percentages that your consultant has gone through with you so I won’t add those to this entry.

I got given two types of medication to take on Wednesday night/Thursday morning: two 150mg Ranitidine tablets (one to be taken at 10pm on the night before going into hospital, one to be taken at 6am on the morning of the surgery) and one Metoclopramide Hydrochloride 10mg tablet (to be taken at 6am on the morning of the surgery). My midwife explained these were an anti-sickness drug, and a drug to neutralise stomach acid – nothing too scary.

She went through what to expect on the day, which actually settled my nerves a lot. I thought that I actually wouldn’t be able to eat from 8pm on the Wednesday – turns out, I can be a happy little piggy until 12am that night but after that it’s nil by mouth saving 250mls of water between 12am and 6am. Bearable as I think about it right now, but I’m guessing by 7am on Thursday I’d be prepared to kill someone for a bowl of cereal!

After a brief outline, she advised me that I’d be staying in hospital for two days – aiming for coming home on Saturday which I’m dreading. I don’t sleep very well away from ‘my’ bed, so the thought of being in hospital during that period doesn’t really settle my nerves – especially with the strict visiting hours. Thankfully, Mike can be there pretty much when he likes, but family and friends have to abide to two one hour slots so hopefully it won’t be too much for me.

Obviously, I left the pre-op with lots of information regarding blood clots and the self-administered injection you have to give yourself for up to a week post-surgery.. Not a fan of that, but it has to be done. One thing I did take away from today was that I needed a nightshirt/nightie to wear. I’d originally gone for pyjamas (warm, snug, huge waist-banded ones) but as I’d be having a catheter inserted during the procedure a pant-less alternative was recommended. Cue stopping at Home Bargains on the way home and investing in a flannel night shirt!

All in all, I’ve had all my questions answered and I feel like I know what I’m heading in to – I’m still frightened and feel a bit sick when I think about it all, but that really is a natural anxiety for something I’ve never been through before. I’ve had a really supportive group of ladies via various Facebook groups and twitter holding my hand thus far, and I’m sure they’ll be there for me when I need them over the next few days too – it isn’t weak to ask questions or admit you’re scared!

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