Our Day In New Brighton!

Last week we decided to try somewhere new for a little summer fun – bundling into the car myself, Mike and his Mum drove out to New Brighton. Located on the tip of the Wirral peninsula, New Brighton is home to a beach as well as the usual beach-front necessities. Each section of the beach is heavily monitored by lifeguards, and children as well as adults are encouraged to enjoy their time in the ocean.
Naturally, me and my Mother-in-law were straight in!
Bump is coming along very nicely, I’m at 22 weeks on these photographs. Obviously, we are welcoming a little prince into our household and I can’t wait – but thankfully, while I’m getting hit with the exhaustion bug a lot at the moment I’m still able to enjoy lighter days out. We had a good paddle on the beach, and then headed back along the front to a tearoom we’d spied while walking to go get our feet wet.
We ended up at the Remember When… tearoom, which as you can see by the photographs above – is a heaven of twee, kitsch and vintage items all wrapped up and tied with the perfect little bow. We ended up here because Gail, my Mother in law, had decided that today was the day for a jam and clotted cream scone – so we found her one. She wasn’t disappointed either!
We didn’t get a snap of Mike’s dinner – tomato and basil soup – but I did manage to snap his milkshake and the other meals we ordered. Each meal was around £5.25, with the exception of the Ploughman’s I had ordered which came in at £6.50, and was worth every penny. We were very well taken care off, our drinks refilled when needed and our food came out in good time.
After lunch, we wandered back towards the car – which was parked opposite a mini-golf course. We just couldn’t not have a go, right? Mike did win, but with his experience of both golf and snooker myself and Gail knew it was a given. Still, didn’t stop us concentrating!
The golf was great fun – at £6.50 per person it wasn’t cheap, however. We played one course (the local landmark course!) and found the course well kept and clean. Little nets were available for when your ball decided to immerse itself into a water feature, and the general vibe around the place was one of order. No queue jumpers, and people kept to the ’10 strokes and move on’ rule which meant we weren’t waiting too long for the next hole once we had finished ours.
The toilets however, were shameful. Sadly I found myself having to frequent them quite a lot – at one point, taking some napkins we had spare in the camera bag as the facilities were just that bad. The floor was covered in water, with used bits of toilet roll around, the baby changing facilities were grimy and also wet – and the toilet rolls had all been used up aside from one which was soaked through. A notice on the inside of the toilet door did place all blame for the toilets on the local council, which felt a little like passing the buck to me.. I didn’t formally make a complaint as the door advised me to take things up with the council instead.
That didn’t ruin our day though, and we began the drive back home promising another visit very soon!
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