Newton-le-Willows Town Show 2016

It was a huge day on the calendar, as most of the followers on my twitter account know – the Newton-le-Willows Town Show. While I haven’t attended a Town Show before, its a well loved event that was brought back to the town in 2013 and I think looking back on today – its a roaring success. This year promised to be better than ever with helicopters, motorcycle displays, Segway races and much much more.. So I’m sharing our day with you!

We arrived a little after 10am as we wanted to see the Huey land. It wasn’t a disappointment, and I managed to catch the moment it swept in and landed on camera – sorry for the unsteady hand at first. The shows ‘arena’ was empty at this point and I (nor Mike) didn’t quite anticipate just how full it would turn out to be in a matter of hours.

As the first thing Tris and little Megs had seen was the fair, we had to hotfoot it over in that direction first.

Fairs are always a popular choice for our little family – I can’t hit the rides like I once used to, as much as I hate to admit it they make me feel incredibly sick. It was a sudden change, and while I can enjoy things such as rollercoasters anything that spins makes me feel queasy and I’m very prone to being ill! So I’m usually on ‘phone holding / bag holding / coat holding / waving at everyone on the ride duty. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

After that we explored the classic cars on display. A lot of people had polished up their pride & joy and brought it along, from tractors to classic cars. We had a wander around here and discovered the local Morris dancing troupe – the Mucky Mountains Morris Dancers. We didn’t want to interrupt as they were doing an impromptu show but these snaps really show off the quality of costume they wore. I love the feather details!

From there, we found the bandstand which was alive with the sound of the George Formby Society. I love how humorous the group were – and the gorgeous costumes some of the members proudly wore. A real treat!


Naturally, whenever there are animals around I find them. A group of huskies and some birds of prey were todays treats! I’m sure the birds of prey were the same group who were represented at the Craft Fair in Willow Park. The disappointing moment of the day was when the birds of prey were being displayed, and unfortunately the cannons went off as part of a separate display – this caused one of the birds to get spooked and disappear into the treeline. The mortified falconer explained he couldn’t get another bird out in its place until it came back, because it would hunt the spooked bird.. I’m sad we didn’t get chance to see them in action but I do know the bird was safely secured and was taken care of.

At this point, Mike disappeared.

Helicopter tours were taking place above Newton for £25, and I had made sure Mike had a place on one of the flights that morning! I know he’s a huge fan of helicopters, and as he had a new camera to test what better point to give him one of his ‘bucket list’ dreams? He was taken by vintage bus to the helicopter pad, where he got to sit in the front and see us from the air. It was a truly once in a lifetime experience and I’m so happy that he enjoyed it so much – and that I get to share some of the images he got here. Thank you Mike!

The Battle of Britain memorial flight passed us at this point – Mike had just gotten back after his own little adventure and we all settled down on some grass towards the helicopter to watch. It was a really poignant moment, and I had goosebumps as they passed over us – a Lancaster Bomber, and two Hurricanes. I’ve included a video below of the moment itself!

We settled down finally to watch the Inch Perfect Trial Bike display. All three men who were coordinating and taking part in todays show did a fantastic job! It was a really nail biting thing to watch and while I’m the least inclined to watch shows like that I didn’t look away.

I’d like to take this chance to make a huge shoutout to the beautiful Gill of Gilliblogs who I had the pleasure of seeing today – not once, but twice.

This lady is one of the major catalysts to me really settling in over here on this side of the Pennines. I’ve never met a kinder, more wonderful person and I just want to thank her here. Without her happy face popping up on my Youtube (which I never really did before we met!) and her blogs about local favourites I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am today. So thank you Gill! You are a complete star, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your friendship. (And Mr Gill, you aren’t so bad either! Thank you too!)

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