Newton-le-Willows Town Show 2017!

This weekend was the highly anticipated Newton-le-Willows town show – I blogged about last years offering here, and this year didn’t disappoint.

We arrived soon after 11, and started our day at the bandstand. We didn’t get any photographs of The Davies Sisters who we sat and enjoyed for a while – but they do feature in the vlog of this event so go check that out on my Youtube channel.

The photograph above was us passing the bandstand as we made our way home – the Valley Brass band were in full swing, regaling us with Wallace & Gromit and the Jurassic Park theme amongst other favourites – brass bands always remind me of my Yorkshire roots, so I enjoyed this thoroughly. Looking at the band themselves, I’m so glad that they’re made up of such a variety of ages – the art of music isn’t something becoming left behind. I played the trumpet as a child, so seeing people embrace the brass way makes my heart smile a little! Again, this wonderful group feature on the vlog so please check that out to hear them for yourselves.
One thing that drew me to this group, was how energetic and full of life they were. They had smiles on their faces, bells on their toes and made the enthusiasm they had for their craft so contagious we had to stand and watch – I can’t say that Morris dancing has ever made me stop and stare before but the camaraderie this group had with one another was wonderful. They provided us with a jolly show, with much whooping and laughing involved – all in the traditional Morris dancing style.


On display was some artillery weapons from World War 2 – I can’t tell you exactly what was up there, but I assure you – they were loud. I’m not a fan of loud noises – perhaps because I only have hearing in one ear, I don’t know.. But I’ve never liked things like fireworks or gun displays, unless I’m safe and warm behind some glass. As we sat on the grass waiting for the guns to go off, I was the only person over the age of three who had her fingers shoved in her ears, but I could still feel the sound travel through my body when they did indeed fire!


Inch Perfect Trials are a favourite of mine – we saw them last year, and while the act is almost exactly the same, its enjoyable. The family friendly show creates a buzz around the main arena, and draws in the crowds – children are encouraged to sit just behind the flimsy fencing so that the riders can show off by pulling wheelies inches from their delighted faces!

The reaction from local people about this years event has been wonderful – as someone who moved into the area from a city, its obvious to see that a lot of residents of the town are incredibly proud of the show – something that makes it all the more precious.

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