No Parent Can Stop These Cliches

Some things are inevitable when you become a parent. You can’t, for instance, avoid the need to change both emotionally and physically for the task. Sorry to break it to you, but that’s pretty much an essential of the job. You also can’t get around the fact that you’ll need to change your life as you know it. Don’t worry that isn’t as scary as it sounds. A lot of this stuff will come naturally. But, you will need to alter everything from your bedtime to your set of values. Luckily, most of us are already aware of that when we commit to making a family.

Most of us are also aware that there are certain parental cliches which often come with the job. You know those parents who just fit the stereotype? But, you promise yourself from that first pregnancy test that you won’t do the same. You’ll break from the cliches and pave your own parenting path because you are a COOL mum.

Then, something happens. Your baby arrives, and you find yourself slipping into every cliche going. Trust us; it’ll happen. We all start out thinking we won’t be THAT mum. And, we all are. To prove the point, consider these three cliches you’ll slip into without even realising it.

The existential mum

Life crisis? You? Never. The future? What future? You’ve always preferred to live in the moment. But, that’ll change when you hold a bundle of little life in your arms. Suddenly, your life will flash before your eyes. You’ll start thinking about saving for their college fund. You’ll take out insurance policies from companies like Guardian Life so you can support your family no matter what. You may even look out for the number of a Guardian lawyer to make sure you get the largest payout if the worst happens. You certainly won’t ‘live in the moment’ the way you always have. But don’t worry; it’s essential stuff. Embrace the change, and let it shape your little bundle’s future into the best thing it can be.

The baby voice mum

Yes; you, too, will become a cooing gooing baby speaker. No one thinks it’ll happen to them. But, when you’re alone with your baby, those cutesy noises have a strange habit of coming out of you regardless. It’s embarrassing sometimes, and we understand that. But, remember that the vocal range of the so-called ‘baby voice’ is a useful learning tool for your little one. Why not tell people you do it for educational purposes? They never need to know the truth.

The overly-proud mum

This one will get you as well, we’re afraid. You’ve always hated those mums who hold their babies like prize possessions and gush over their every little achievement. But, do you know what? You’ll soon find that feeling proud is the best part of being a parent. So, grin without fear, and hold your baby out for all to see. Something that cute deserves all the admiration it can get.

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