Our First Week Of Weaning

Weaning book and spoon

This week was our first week of experimenting with weaning! After posting about my Weaning Worries & Thoughts earlier this week, I pushed them aside and gave it a go.

I started with a carrot purée. One medium carrot and some of Baby Button’s chosen formula (SMA Hungry Baby Milk) blended until incredibly smooth. I’m quite glad I began with carrot as it’s quite a sweet taste – and was a big hit.

Carrot puree

Carrot puree

I did enough purée so that we had some left over to freeze for meals later in the week – I’ll do the same with broccoli, then pea so I have an assortment of purées stocked up. These are all recipes from the Cow & Gate Weaning Plan, which focuses on simple vegetable tastes in the early days in order to get baby used to different foods.

Frozen puree

Defrosting broccoli puree

Baby Button has taken really well to having some purée from a spoon.. He has one ice cube of one of my pre-prepared meals (defrosted in the fridge, although you can microwave the cubes to defrost them too if you like) as this is his first week, alongside bottle and boob as usual. I feed him it at the same time each day which is between 12pm and 1pm, after a little bit of bottle and he finishes with his bottle afterward. I try structure his day so we have a walk or a class in the morning, so by the time he gets settled for his midday bottle he’s ready for a nap afterward.

I think it’s important for me to say that I don’t want the purée to replace his bottles, but I do want him to be able to indulge in new tastes.

Since he was a few months old he’s been really interested in what we are eating – watching and opening his mouth as we eat. Now I’m pretty stringent about not having him taste things before he was able to. Complex things are a huge no as he only has an infantile digestive system – but when I researched into early weaning the best way was the simple one-flavour, one-ingredient purées.

I’m very aware how controversial the subject of weaning is, and I respect everyone and their chosen methods of doing so. I’d appreciate the same courtesy in return!

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