Our furry new family member, Rusty the rabbit.

I haven’t ‘formally’ introduced our new addition.

Rusty the rabbit, our newest addition.

Unfortunately, Rusty came from a home where he wasn’t really getting the attention he needed – a Facebook post looking to find him somewhere new to live and be loved and a phone call later he was on his way. He came to us under a different name, so the identity of his previous owners are protected – although it must have been an incredibly tough decision to come to when a pet is concerned.

Megs and Tris both love him – although he isn’t very socialised yet he’s coming round slowly. We have him inside when we can, for a few hours – at least three times a week so that he becomes accustomed to people being around. I did buy him a rabbit harness, but as he can manipulate it off I don’t think I’ll be taking him anywhere soon – especially with the recent epidemic amongst rabbits. I did forage a little for dandelions for him, but when the news broke I realised I’d have to make sure anything I did forage came from a place with no wild rabbits. Instead we have a bunny-friendly herb garden on its way.

Its so lovely to head to the back door and see a furry little face peering through the hutch bars at us – his hutch is very close to our back door, sheltered from the weather and perfectly shaded from the sun so in summer I don’t mind him being outdoors. In winter we’ve already discussed as a family that we’ll probably get him an indoor alternative – our Rusty doesn’t deserve to be outside in the cold, surely?

I’m sorry about the recycled instagram picture – he’s still very jumpy (hah!) with movements and it was impossible to get a picture of him inside just yet. With time, hopefully that will get a little better!

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