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Sleep is something we are struggling with in the Button home. I haven’t had a full nights sleep since Baby Button was born, and in an effort to try and rationalise his sleeping I’m going to keep a journal as best as I can, documenting our nights.

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Get up: 5.35am

Morning nap: 8am – 8.45am

Afternoon nap: 1.45pm – 2.15pm

Bedtime: 6.45pm

Wake ups: 7.15pm, 10.10pm, 12.15am, 1.45am, 2.50am

As I’ve moaned about in my various living arrows posts this year, Baby Button’s sleep patterns have been really impacted by vaccinations, developmental leaps and teething. He’s never been a good sleeper, but it used to be 2-3 get ups a night — not 5 or 6.


Get up: 4.15am

Morning nap: 9.45am – 10am (neighbour moving around in room next door and woke BB) 10am – 11.45am

Afternoon nap: none

Bedtime: 6pm

Wake ups: 6.45pm, 9.45pm, 10.30pm, 11.50pm, 1.50am, 3am, 4am, 5am


Get up: 5.20am

Morning nap: 9am – 9.45am

Afternoon nap: 1.45pm – 2.30pm

Bedtime: 7.30pm

Wake ups: 8pm, 9pm, 9.30pm, 10.45pm. 11.20pm, 12.45am, 2am, 3.45am, 5am, 6.20am

Get up: 6.10am

I had a notification pop up on my phone today from WonderWeeks, letting me know BB has started Leap 9 today. Coincidentally, he always starts symptoms of these leaps a week or two early, so this could be a reason as to why he’s so unsettled.


Get up: 5.20am

Morning nap: 9am – 9.25am

Afternoon nap: 12.45pm – 1.15pm

Bedtime: 6.50pm

Wake ups: 7.20pm, 7.25pm, 9.15pm, 11.55pm, 2.10am, 2.40am, 2.50am, 3am, 4.40am, 4.55am

Oh boy.

BB just didn’t want to settle last night at all, when he did, I’d gently lay him in his cot and he’d immediately wake up. When he did settle, it was on his back which means he’s exhausted as he hasn’t slept on his back since he was six or seven weeks. From 2.40am till 3.10am and from 4.40am until 5.20am I was sat in the rickety nursing chair doing my best to settle him once he had dropped off but he’d wake up right away once in bed.

And people wonder why I’m so exhausted all the time?


Get up: 7.20am

Morning nap: 11am – 11.25am

Afternoon nap: 2.45pm – 3pm

Bedtime: 7.30pm

Wake ups: 11.20pm, 11.40pm, 2.20am, 4.20am, 5.40am

Last night was the best night we’ve had in a few days!

Seeing my nights written down has emphasised just why I’m so tired all the time. Thirteen months of broken sleep has taken its toll on me, and I think it’s time to start looking into some sleep coaching… As long as it’s a gentle sleep coaching, with no ‘leave him to cry’ involved — I just don’t have the iron clad constitution to leave him to cry.

The Mums who I went to baby groups with sing the methods praises, but they had to as they all had to return to work. My job is at home with BB, so I don’t need to resort to methods to quickly get him into sleeping through, I can work on things gently and gradually with him.. After all, it’s my job. Day shifts, night shifts, emergency call outs and all the rest!

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