Don’t Let Pregnancy Isolate You – Find Your Mum Tribe On Peanut!

This post isn’t sponsored. I wrote this because I felt isolated, alone and with no real place to go until I stumbled upon Peanut (through Louise Pentland, if I remember right) and I just want to spread that message.
Being pregnant can be really, really isolating. You can’t go out like you used to, sharing a bottle of wine and righting the worlds wrongs.. And you just don’t have the energy to trawl around pub after pub, with a soft drink for company.
The most I can manage without a Cinderella style exit at 12 is my Small Town Bingo, which finishes comfortably at 10.30pm and gets me home and tucked up in bed with Youtube around 11pm.
Enter, Peanut.

Peanut is basically Tinder, for Mums or Mums-to-be looking for a connection with other Mums or Mums-to-be. Well, I liken it to Tinder – I’ve never used a dating application, but from what I hear about Tinder this is the same mechanic. You can use your Facebook or Google profile to create an account, and the creation of a profile happens automatically – although you can customise it a little bit later, which I cover in this post.

As you can see, Peanut has used my data (and cheesy profile picture) to set me up. Unfortunately, it seems to have stuck on the name ‘Tilly’ which I have changed on Facebook.. But I think that may be a different type of syncing issue.
Now you get a tutorial, explaining how you can make friends on the application. Swipe up on another users profile to ‘wave’ at them, showing you wouldn’t mind being friends. Swipe down for a discreet ‘er, no thanks..’ but the app does say this is only temporary. You might change your mind as you get more comfortable, so it does reuse those people you’ve swiped down on each time you login.
Once another Mum thinks you look like her type of person – this is done by your photograph, and some information on your profile as seen below in more detail.

For example, I have a peanut symbol as I’m pregnant. If you have children, it shows as a nappy and their ages (for example, a nappy with a bow and ‘3 years’ underneath is a girl who is three). Now, you can choose a number of interests too – I chose Nerdy/Geeky, New To The Neighbourhood and Food.
Sums me up pretty well.
Now you can have a bit of a peek at the other users! Keep swiping, and once you build up the courage to wave at someone (it took a while for me, it felt like they might just materialise in front of me.. Nevermind stay in my phone) you’ll get a little notification to say you waved at someone.
Now you can start chatting, using texts and stickers through the application (obviously, Hayley doesn’t look like an emoji – but I blog here, so my face is a given. I don’t feel it my place to share hers without her knowledge) and it really isn’t as scary as it might seem. I’ve made a few friends, and sometimes all you need is someone there to vent at, or ask questions to. As I progress through my pregnancy I’m sure I’ll be grateful for each and every lady who offers me advice!
Important note:
Obviously, like any social media application, Peanut can be manipulated and abused by some people. Always be wary of what you share, never agree to meet up unless you’re comfortable and if anyone does something to set alarm bells in your head going – DELETE THEM.
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