Prepping Your Home for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us are itching to start putting our decorations up. We can’t wait to decorate the tree, put lights outside of our homes, and settle down in the front of the TV with a mince pie and our favourite Christmas flick! But there are a few different steps that you should take before getting started on the major work to ensure that the end result is comfortable, clean, and cosy! Here are a few to consider.

Have a Clear Out

Most of us will have a major clear out at the beginning of the year to make our homes feel fresh and clean, serving as a blank canvas for the New Year. But by November and December, chances are that these efforts are far in the past and your home has unnecessary bits and bobs lying all over the place. Throughout the course of the year, we tend to pick up a whole host of items that we really don’t need. Your drawers will probably be housing a year’s worth of outdated letters that you have already read or responded to and no longer need. Your shelves will host promotional material that you’ve picked up from companies, promotional staff at events, and samples that you are never going to actually use. There will probably be handfuls of take-away menus that lying about that have been posted through your door and that you’re holding onto for some reason, even though you always use the same outlet to order the same meal and have their number conveniently saved in your phone. In short, it’s highly likely that in the lead up to the festive period, your home will have built up junk that you simply don’t need. Clear out any needless items. Recycle wherever possible for the sake of the environment!

Make Space

Christmas sees us bring plenty of items into our living space that have not been there throughout the rest of the year. So, as part of your Christmas clear-out, you might want to consider moving furniture or other large items out of the way by placing them in temporary storage facilities.This can make room for the tree, for a larger table and more chairs to seat guests.

Conduct a Deep Clean

Once everything is clear, you should conduct a deep clean of your home. We tend to do a limited range of tasks on a regular basis. We will dust, wipe down surfaces, vacuum, sweep, and mop. But deep cleaning the carpets, cleaning upholstery, and pulling furniture out to clean underneath can make sure your home is as hygienic and as nice a place to be as possible before putting the decorations up.

These are just a few steps that you should take before December so that you can get to the serious business of decorating with as little hassle and trouble possible when the time comes around!

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