AD (Gifted) | Red Lentil And Vegetable Fritters With BabyLed Spreads

I was recently sent some little pots of goodness to try, so I challenged myself to try and use them in recipes that maybe I’d never cooked before. BabyLed Spreads are delicious weaning spreads with no artificial colours or preservatives, created by a father in Northumberland who just wanted what was best for his little girl at mealtimes. You can read his story on the BabyLed Spread website and really get a feel of the family focused ethics this brand work towards.

The first spread I picked up this morning was the Red Lentil & Sweet Potato jar – and I had something perfect in mind.

Red Lentil & Vegetable Fritters


• one cup of red lentils
• half an onion, chopped finely
• half a cup of frozen mixed vegetables (pea, carrot, sweet corn and green bean)
• one potato, in small cubes
• one cup of spinach, or one ball of frozen spinach
• a teaspoon of Red Lentil & Sweet Potato BabyLed Spread
• a sprinkle of cumin seeds
• water
• two tablespoons of flour
• one egg

I cooked the vegetables and lentils together in a pan, until they became soft (I did have to keep adding water so that the mixture didn’t boil dry, which is why I haven’t specified an exact amount for water under the ingredient list). I did this while Baby Button ate breakfast, multitasking as usual – once cooked, I popped the mixture into a collider and left to drain covered in a tea towel. When it was fully drained, I stirred in the BabyLed Spreads Red Lentil & Sweet Potato pot instead of tomato purée.

During his morning nap, I added the flour and egg and mixed thoroughly. I did debate cooking the mixture in the oven, but ended up deciding to shallow fry them – once golden brown I took them out of the oil immediately and left to rest on a tea towel so that they wouldn’t be oily when Baby Button awoke from his slumber carnivorous for his dinner.

As usual, here’s the final verdict – Baby Button Approved! He devoured two fritters as me and Mike watched, leaving two to wrap up and take with us to a class tomorrow. Result!

Keep an eye out for more recipes this week using different flavours from the BabyLed Spread range! I was sent these spreads to review, but all opinions, smiles and clean plates are honest.

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