Saying No To New Years Resolutions & The ‘New Year New Me’ Brigade!

2017 has come to an end – rather quickly! I know I wasn’t prepared for the midnight chimes on the 31st of December, but I’m here to round off the year and open a new one never-the-less. This year ended on a huge high note for me, welcoming Teddy into my world and changing my whole dynamic – I’m not longer ‘just’ me. I’m a Mother. That in itself has had a huge impact on my hopes, aspirations and motivations for the year ahead.

I do apologise for the festive look of this post – I celebrated Christmas in a blur this year and haven’t had chance to share much thanks to our new addition!

Every year we face the whole ‘new year, new me!’ argument. I’m no different, year in year out I punish myself with gruelling resolutions which – lets face it, nobody ever keeps – and that really impact on my life. Whether it comes packaged as a vow to lose weight, or a pledge to stop a bad habit each year we all put pressure on ourselves to change. This year, I’m saying no.

I won’t be entertaining any resolutions this year – and I have a few reasons why;

1. My personal growth isn’t something I can schedule on a whim. I mean this – resolutions are all about bettering yourself and growing as a person, aren’t they? Well surely that’s a commitment that you can’t just decide to pick up on January 1st and run with, without resenting the growth that you want to achieve. If you want to change something, do it in your own time, when you feel comfortable enough to – the date is irrelevant.
2. I know I won’t keep to resolutions – why set myself up to fail? No, really. I can’t keep resolutions. I’ll always stick to them for a week, maybe two – then hate myself when I fail at keeping to one and resent myself for a while afterward. This is compounded when I’ve shared the resolutions online as there is an added pressure to keep up appearances. Few things in the world hurt a person more than self-hate, and despite the ‘new year new me’ culture sometimes marauding as self-love, for some it just doesn’t happen that way.

3. Why should I find things to change about myself just because I should? As years sometimes are, 2017 was a gruelling one for me. A tough pregnancy, losing my job and then securing temporary work until my 39th week was hard, but I look back and feel satisfied. I had a lot of strife thrown my way, but as 2018 dawns I’ve come through and I’m in one piece – so do I really need to look back at myself and pick out things to change? I don’t think so, I’ve been brilliant this year even if I do like a drink of fizzy pop, thanks.

4. I have enough pressure on me, I don’t need myself adding to it too. This rings true for everyone, I think. Work, home, play – all facets of our lives have a degree of pressure to them. Social events, family life, keeping a home, holding down a job… We have so much going on around us, why do you need to add more into the mix? I had only just balanced my life when 2016 closed in on us, as 2017 ends I have a whole new role to learn.. I think that in itself will be enough to test my resolve in 2018.

5. I’m going to do me, for me. The last and the most important point I’m going to make on this post. While I won’t be bothering with resolutions or the like, I will be focusing on myself more. I will be having he confidence to stand up for myself, I will look after myself and I’m certainly going to embrace 2018 as she comes – no matter what she throws at me, I know after 2017 I’m strong enough to get through it – and get through it with a smile on my face to boot.

The baubles featured in this post are from JD Williams – you can click here to view them. I picked these as we put together Christmas presents before I went in to hospital and I wasn’t disappointed when they turned up at our door – made from glass, each one is filled with whiskey and can be hung from the Christmas tree. Now, with whiskey being the focal point of each bauble, you may be worried that once it has been opened you’ve lost the trinket.

Nope, each one is refillable and comes with a screw cap so you can se them to your hearts content year after year. You don’t even need to fill them with whiskey – decorative liquids that include glitter can be used to add a real touch of magic – or you can go with the alcohol theme and fill them with your beloved tipple of choice.
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