Smart Shopping: What Size of Sofa do you Actually Need?

Your sofa will take up A LOT of space in your living room. In fact, it will probably take up more space than any other furniture you have in there. Your sofa is where you are going to drink your cup of coffee in the morning, where you doze off after a long day at work and even where your guests will sit. So if your sofa is well-loved and a bit worse for wear, it may be time for you to make a new investment. The problem is that there are thousands of options available for you to choose from, but luckily this guide should help you to navigate the treacherous waters of the furniture store.
Sofa Length. When you go to a designer Chesterfield sofa sale, you’ll soon find that the total length of your sofa will depend on the room that you have. Your sofa shouldn’t take up too much for the room and everything needs to be scaled. If you have a television in your living room for example, then you will want your sofas to be around 7ft away from this if possible. You also need to make sure that there is at least 18” of space between the coffee table and the sofa, and this is so you don’t have to squeeze in between them. It also helps to measure the space that you have while thinking about the other types of furniture you have and even your design. Think about it, if you have end tables, will your sofa fit? It helps to take a tape measure with you when measuring your sofa so that you can put everything in proportion.

People and Seating.

When you have determined how long your sofa needs to be, it’s time to move on to how many people you will need to seat at any one time. If you have a 95” sofa at the moment and you only have two cushions then there is a high chance that you won’t seat three people on it. If you can find a 100” sofa that has three seats however, then you can easily seat three people but the fit might be a bit cosy.

Sofa Depth.

The easiest way for you to find the right depth for the sofa that you choose would be for you to sit on it. Make sure that you think logically when buying your sofa, do your feet touch the ground when you sit on it? A lot of sofas are around 36” deep but it is possible to find ones that go up to 40” deep. If you have a lot of kids then a shallower sofa may be better as it will stop their feet from dangling but if you’re an adult who likes to lean back then you may want a deeper sofa.

Colour is also another consideration, and for this, you need to think about how much natural light you have in your room, whether the light is going to fade the material and even if it matches in with the other decorations as well.

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