So You Want To Be A Blogger & Taking The Plunge – Blogger Or WordPress?

Blogging is something I’ve embraced for a long, long time. I might not be the best at it, and I might not be huge but I do have a little bit of knowledge around the subject I think I can share.

This post is the first in a series which will talk you through the basics of blogging – from my personal experiences.

First things first. You need to have an idea in mind of what you want to create – what do you want to blog about? What is your direction? These days you can literally blog about anything, from beauty products (look at Zoella!) to weight loss, to your pet – and you’ll always have a readership. That said, it doesn’t just happen overnight and it really does take a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get to a point where you feel moderately successful.

Now, if you want to blog for the freebies, or to simply make ‘easy money’ then I’m afraid the blogging world will probably chew you up and spit you out the other side. When someone takes on the blogging hobby, it becomes painfully obvious if they only want to blog to achieve notoriety, fame or money – and neither one of those is easy to come by. Having a blog as a hobby isn’t easy. Between updating your content, maintaining your social media and getting to grips with skills such as photography and graphics design.. You have the negative side of blogging too.
That said, blogging is the one constant I’ve had in my life from teen to thirty year old, and it isn’t something I’d turn my back on in a hurry. I’ve made friends, I’ve made memories and I’ve learned things I never thought I could get my head around in the years I’ve blogged.
Okay okay, so you might go self hosted. But deciding between Blogger and WordPress. I made the decision all those years ago to opt for Blogger and I haven’t looked back since – it’s simple, but it does the job and you can get lots of fancy templates these days which mean you can make Blogger blogs look just as polished and professional as some self-hosted efforts. The whole Blogger v WordPress debate comes down to personal taste – you can always switch from Blogger to WordPress or from either platform to self hosted further down the line so don’t feel pressured into one platform or the other.
Blogger can be accessed here – you need an e-mail, and will be prompted to make a Google account although this isn’t necessary.

WordPress can be accessed using this link if you’d like a free blog – or this link, if you have your own hosting space and want to use the WordPress framework.

Get yourself signed up, and have a look around at all the features. You’ll become familiar with them over time, but for now – why not create your first post?

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