Spring Cleaning 101: Get Your Home Spick And Span

When spring rolls around the house becomes suddenly full of life again and we start to see a lot more light in our space as well as sun. We can enjoy the change in seasons up to a certain point, but as we know more light will shine on issues in the home and things we need to clean. Spring cleaning is something most of us do each year and it involves a whole overhaul of the home. Today we are looking at some simple steps to make this easier for you this year.

Make a Schedule

If you want to be able to clear your home in the most efficient way this spring then it is important for you to make a simple schedule to stick to. For example if you were looking at the kitchen you might have a schedule which looks something like this:

• Clear worktops
• Clear out cupboards
• Clear fridge
• Clean fridge
• Clean cupboards
• Clean worktops
• Rearrange cupboards
• Rearrange sink
• Bleach sink and drainer
• Rinse sink and drainer
• Clean hob and oven
• Mop floor

There will be other jobs you need to do depending on what you have the kitchen however making a simple checklist like this will allow you to tick off jobs when you have done them and it will ensure that you don’t miss anything out which could have an effect on the Home later.


There’s no point for you to spend days and days cleaning your home only to realise that the home also needs to be cleared out of any clutter and mess. It is important when you come to clean the home that you spend a day or two clearing out the space first. You can use a Budget Bin Hire to clear out everything you don’t need from furniture to clothes to ornaments and once you have got rid of all of this stuff it will make things easier for you to clean.

Top to Bottom

When you come to clean your house is it important for you to work from top to bottom and there are a few good reasons for this. First of all if you clean lesser used rooms first it means that you don’t have to disrupt your day and your living to get the job done. Another reason is that when you start to polish and vacuum upstairs you will end up disturbing the dust and this will float down to the lower rooms of the house. If you had already cleaned this part of the house it means that you’ll have to do it all over again which is never ideal.

Get vacuuming

No one enjoys vacuuming, but it is a job which is crucial for the home and you should take the time to do it during your spring clean too. Vacuuming the home will get rid of dirt and crumbs and dust and this is not only good for the cleanliness of the home but also can be great for those who suffer with breathing issues or allergies.

Think green

Spring cleaning is a great time for you to bring some new elements into the home and there is nothing better than a fresh plant or two. If you have a few window sill spaces which can be filled up this spring, take this opportunity to bring some plants to the space and breathe life into every corner of the home. Plants are wonderful additions to the home and they will make a brogues feature to your rooms as you go around the home.
Clean the windows and the walls
There are two parts of the home which are often taken for granted every day and they can end up leaving you with dusty and mouldy living spaces without you even realising it. Make sure that you take some time out to clean the windows and the walls when you spring clean. You can either vacuum or wipe the walls and of course bleach the windows to rid them of any damp and mould which may be forming.

Let the air flow

It is more important than almost anything else during your spring cleaning fest that you take the time to let air flow through the home in every way you can. When you start cleaning the home open as many windows in the house as you can and this will help things such as bleach to dry and fumes to escape to the outside. Making sure to keep the windows open during your cleaning will allow you to breathe fresh air and get rid of dust and debris from the home. You’ll feel so much healthier as a result.

Tackle the bathroom

One of the biggest and scariest tasks to tackle in the home this spring is the bathroom. Over time the bathroom is exposed to a lot of water and this water can make a perfect breeding ground for damp and mould. When you tackle the bathroom you will likely notice a lot of mould around your shower and taps and the toilet and you need to get past this to get the job done. Make sure to use mould and mildew on all of the surfaces and leave this to soak in for at least an hour before you go back and try to clean. To clean the shower head easily you can fill a small food bag with a mix or water and bleach and place the shower head in this mixture and let it sit for an hour or two. Rinse it all out and your shower will be clean as new!

Don’t forget the garden!

The garden is a part of the home too! This spring make sure to take a bit of time to get outside in your garden and look into weeding the space and sowing some new seeds for the season ahead! You’ll be able to have a gorgeous garden in no time and this will make a huge impact on the home and your enjoyment of the spring season!

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