Taking The Waste Out Of Parenting

When you hold your baby in your arms, do you ever wonder what the world will be like when they’re the age you are now? We’ve seen such technological and social change even within our own lifetime, who knows the rate at which things will progress within theirs? Will they grow up to inherit a clean and sparkling utopia, where disease and hunger are consigned to antiquity and humankind lives in harmony with nature. Will they inhabit a world where our improving scientific understanding has alleviated the suffering that we, their forebears have inflicted upon it? Or will they inherit the problems we left them and it will be up to their generation to find lasting solutions.

We have no way of knowing, but we cannot afford to overlook how the decisions that we make as consumers will affect the world in which they grow up. If we all make well informed and sustainable choices as we raise them, we can help their world to look a little more Star Trek and a little less… Mad Max-y.

Buy baby food and bottles in glass

As convenient as it may be to stock up on baby food packaged in single use plastics it’s worth remembering that these are often non-recyclable and when they go into landfill, they can leak harmful compounds into our oceans. Indeed, it’s estimated that unless something changes soon there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. This can easily be avoided by buying baby food in widely recyclable glass jars. Similarly, plastic bottles can contain harmful BPAs. Opt for eco-friendly glass alternatives.

Or better yet, make your own

If you’re concerned about your child’s nutrition, and /or are simply sick of paying a fortune on pre-packaged baby foods, it may surprise you just how easy it is to make your own. This will afford you complete control over your growing child’s nutrition and ensure that they get the vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that they need to grow up healthy and strong without harming the environment.

Give them wooden toys

Toys are an essential part of a child’s development. They can be a friend when they’re lonely, a teacher when they’re inquisitive and a means through which they can explore the world around them. But don’t let the ubiquity of plastic toys fool you, there are plenty of more environmentally friendly wooden toys from Baba Me to name just one retailer. They’re not only more sustainable than their cheap plastic counterparts, they look a whole lot classier, too!

Dress them in sustainably sourced cotton clothes

Children grow up astonishingly fast and it can feel as though no sooner have we bought them clothes than they grow out of them. But while this is a common occurrence for parents, the worst thing we can do is throw their old clothes into landfill. Textile waste accounts for over 9% of America’s landfills.

Aside from reusing or repurposing old clothes, ensure that they are made from sustainably sourced organic cotton for their comfort and safety and for the good of the planet.

Making the right choices now will help ensure that our kids inherit a happier planet.

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