The Day We Lost Our Camera…

A few weeks ago, you probably saw more than one despondent tweet from myself explaining we would be taking a break from vlogging for a while – because we had ‘lost’ our beloved camera. Well, I say we – I wasn’t there – I just had to deal with the messy aftermath.
Mike had taken one of his friends to Walton Gardens (a favourite haunt of ours) to get some sunshine and to stretch his legs. His friend is a wheelchair user, so having an accessible, flat space to wander is essential – the gardens really don’t disappoint in that regard and I will recommend them to anyone wanting to have a day surrounded by beautiful flowers. Oh, and they have a petting zoo filled with fluffy animals, featuring the wonderful baby goats at this time of year!
When Mike and his friend went to leave, Mike packed the wheelchair into the car boot and immediately got in, starting the engine. He didn’t think of looking down to the back of the car, where he had placed the camera bag as he had wrestled the wheelchair into the boot… Meaning as he drove off, it was left.
Right there in the car park.
Asking him about it when he came home empty handed, he swore he’d heard a noise as he’d backed out of the parking space, cementing our fears – he’d run the camera over. Our £700 baby, under a BMW’s back tyres. Probably front tyres too, crunch crunch. Apparently, he didn’t realise he’d come away empty handed until he was almost home and he knew hope was lost.. I can’t explain how much something material the camera means. All our memories are shot through that camera, and we have such plans with it – the future did seem a bit bleaker without it in our possession. Birthdays, anniversaries, our impending child – everything would have been snapped and tucked away onto the blog or into Facebook albums under memories. Now what?
In desperation, Mike messaged the gardens. We didn’t hold out much hope, and we knew it would be futile. If he had run over the bag, it would be in pieces – unsalvageable. If it had somehow survived the car by going between the wheels (what are the chances?!) then surely someone would have picked it up and we’d have made their day. We wouldn’t begrudge anyone discovering the bag and it’s contents, who decided to keep it and make their own memories. Money is a commodity not everyone has and we’d really splurged together on it a good few years ago when we’d started taking photography and blogging a little more seriously. At least if it did survive the BMW, it would be being just as cherished with someone else.
After the weekend, a familiar sound pinged on Mike’s Facebook.
It was Walton Gardens, a ranger named Liz, responding to Mike’s plea. A bag had been found, and it did indeed contain a camera – we could go pick it up as soon as we were able!
Obviously we dropped everything and headed over to the gardens. I went in for the bag, as I wanted to see if everything was in one piece before Mike got a chance to – he already felt guilty enough. As I approached, some of the café staff asked if I was ‘the one who caused a bomb scare’ – I must have given them a confused look, but they rang up to the main office and said the woman had arrived for the camera.
Turns out, the bag had caused a scare – being a black camera bag, it did look a little conspicuous.. And some wonderful, considerate soul had seen it lying in the car park and moved it next to a bin. When the ranger explained, she said she had ‘opened the flap with a stick’ to see what was going on, and quickly realised that it was something precious – whisking it away to the main office before heading home for the weekend. She was light hearted about the situation as it had been a complete accident, but I did spend a good ten minutes apologising and begging for forgiveness!
So, a bomb scare and a long weekend of booting up old outdated cameras later.. We have our pride and joy back. Thank you, good people of Warrington for moving it out of the way of danger. Thank you Liz, for checking it out and realising it was a treasured item. Thank you for the office staff at Walton Gardens for looking after the camera over the weekend… And I’m so so sorry we caused such a scare!
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  • So glad you got your camera back. We lost one of ours years ago that had all our honeymoon photos on and we were devastated (still am now). Glad your loss had a happy ending x

    • It's devastating when you realise it's gone – ours really did have a happy ending and I'm forever grateful for that, but I'm gutted on your behalf. If we hadn't have gotten ours back we couldn't have replaced it with a little one on the way! 😱❤

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