The Expectant Mothers Gift Guide

So, you have a friend who is expecting a little one during or soon after the festive period – I can see you, staring at the new born clothing as you rack your brains as to what to buy this lady with a life growing inside of her.

Stop – I’m here to help!

First thing is first: please, please remember that she is a woman. Not just a Mum-to-be, not just a boiled egg struggling into her maternity pants after eating too many mince pies (…This is a very self reflective post) and she isn’t just a baby. You can buy her something and not feel guilty – in fact, she might have her confidence boosted a little – as the due date arrives quickly and those surprise family visits mean baby gets spoiled but Mum?

Lets talk.

The Expectant Mothers Gift Guide 2017 | She & Life

The Pamper Hamper

Why not head to B&M, Home Bargains or Poundstretcher and buy a container – then set yourself a budget and put anything that a woman might need when she’s feeling a little down in your basket. From simple things like deodorant to face cream – although you get extra points if you throw in a packet of Rennie and a menthol candle this time of year. You don’t need to break the bank and I promise you, each and every item will be appreciated by the intended recipient.

The Gadgets

If you have a gadget conscious target, why not look into things that she can utilise during the night when she’s up feeding? Book lights, power packs for her phones battery or even an electric blanket – think ahead a little. Breast feeding (if she chooses that of course) is often a lonely vigil so something to keep her company a little would go a long way in making it more bearable.
Other options are things like gift cards for Audible, Spotify and the like – both Mum and Dad can share those depending on who has the late shift that night.

The Necessities

This time why not put together a care package of some things that Mum can wear. These are partially geared towards life with the little one, but I assure you each Mum as she draws closer to that big date craves nothing but these staple items:

Pyjamas or nightwear. Brushed cotton and warm preferably, in a big size. I usually sit between a twelve and a fourteen, but since growing my bump I’m much more at home in sixteen to eighteen and I don’t actually boast a huge bump. They lie better and when you lay in bed, they move better with your body and you don’t feel as restricted!

Leggings. Again, a comfort thing. Not just for wearing long tops and throwing on some leggings.. But as winter wraps herself around us, for layering. I wear leggings under trousers for work, and I’ve been guilty of sleeping in a pair too as we were blessed with the -5 temperatures this week.

Nursing bras. Bringers of boob-related heaven. When expecting, your boobs are on a knife edge swaying between bags of lead (they feel that way) or just plain old hot and painful. You can’t get cosy and when you wear your pre-pregnancy bras, you find you have a lot more spillage. Your nipples generally make bids for freedom every few minutes and.. It isn’t great fun. Invest in a few bras that will help her feel more in control of her boobs and with the added function of being easy access when the little one does arrive!

Obviously these are a few of the things I’ve been mulling over throughout my pregnancy – feel free to share your own ideas for those Christmas essentials! I’ve tried to keep the budget of this post fairly modest. As a new parent myself, money needs to stretch this year and I’ve had to really work on putting some things together for my loved ones – so sharing my cheats and hacks to achieve this only seems fair!
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