The Long And Short And Serious Of Battling Stomach Pains

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We all deal with stomach aches at some point in our life. They can sometimes be coupled with or indistinguishable from naturally occurring cramps. But you should never assume that everything’s rosy and that you can just ignore that stomach pain. Sometimes it might be short-lived, yes. But sometimes it might be a symptom of an issue you had best start trying to deal with or even worth a trip to the emergency room. Here, we’ll look at the causes and how you identify the differences between them.
The Short –

How do you deal with stomach aches that look likely to go away on their own? Staying hydrated, especially if you have diarrhea or constipation, is essential. Chamomile tea can work as an anti-inflammatory along the whole digestive tract. Ginger root has long been a natural cure for upset stomachs and is recommended by many health professionals, though the reason it’s so helpful has never been identified fully. But you should also consider looking at what might be the causes in your lifestyle of these stomach aches. Fatty and spicy foods can play a big role, as can alcohol consumption and foods that are overly gassy such as broccoli or beans that lead to bloating.

The Long

That stomach pain might pass on its own, but if it’s recurring, then it might be a symptom of a more long-term problem. Many recurring stomach pains are down to your diet and any potential intolerances or allergies you have. Keeping track of what foods match with what symptoms can help you identify foods better worth avoiding. But if the stomach pains come with constipation, bloating, wind, and other gut issues on a regular basis, it could be irritable bowel syndrome. That might sound serious, but over the counter IBS treatment is widely available and can help you manage most of those symptoms. Fail to take care of it, however, and your gut issues can become seriously disruptive in your life, affecting your confidence and ability to socialize.
The Serious –

What about when that stomach pain is indicative of when something genuinely serious is going on inside you? Here are a few examples of when you should consider going to the emergency room. If the pain is severe or debilitating it could be serious food poisoning or appendicitis. If you’re suffering from a fever alongside the pain, that might be a sign of an infection. If you can’t eat without vomiting. There are also prior health conditions that, when paired with stomach pain, might need immediate attention. For instance, if you are pregnant, you shouldn’t worry about bothering the doctor with any stomach pain you feel. If you’ve recently had surgery in the gut area, particularly an endoscopy or abdominal surgery, it might be signs of a complication, too.

If you’re ever having trouble accounting for the cause of stomach pain or it’s much more severe than usual, then don’t just assume it will get better. Sometimes you might be worrying for nothing, but that’s better than not worrying when you probably should be.

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