The Pink Pearl Restaurant, Newton-le-Willows

When I first moved to Newton-le-Willows a few years ago, I was introduced to a family run restaurant which could be found on the outskirts of town. The Pink Pearl. Specialising in South Asian cuisine it soon became one of my favourite places to eat. They use the freshest of ingredients which are sourced locally as much as they can, and the spices they choose to use are imported directly from South Asia. I know personally that they cater to every taste – before I fell pregnant, I used to love spicy dishes and often tried some of Mike’s father’s food (which usually comes with a warning as its that hot) Nowadays however, I much prefer the sweeter tasting curries and I still love visiting The Pink Pearl.

It even the choice for our Christmas dinner in 2017 – though I never did make it to that meal Mike and his family did on my behalf.

As you can tell, a good time was had by all – although I was at home during this with a four day old baby boy, the restaurant packed my Christmas meal up for me and Mike brought it home in boxes.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about the restaurant, is the personalised service you receive… I remember quite fondly my first visit. I hadn’t lived in the area very long as I mentioned above, having just moved from Bradford. I mentioned this to the owner and said I was going to miss some of my creature comforts from the Bradford area, like jalebi – at the end of the meal he came and gave me a box of the freshly made treat.

The restaurant has done quite a lot of charity work around the area – just to name a few: The  Teardrops CharityPancreatic Cancer UK and The Steve Prescott Foundation. Charity nights are a popular fund raiser and this is the perfect setting – good space, good food and a bar to boot.

The Pancreatic Cancer UK night was incredibly successful, raising around £2000 in aid of the cause. Seeing a restaurant do so much for the local community around them is really special, and not something you find in every town or city. I think because of this caring, championing side the restaurant really does have a special place in every locals heart.

It isn’t just the local causes they support of course – the food is creative, delicious and fresh. When coupled with the warm atmosphere the setting provides, you have the perfect recipe for a good night. The building itself is split onto two floors, and parking is available right outside – although it might be worth getting a taxi as there’s also a bar stocked with various treats.

They offer a vegan menu and a slimming world menu, which just aren’t available so freely usually in eateries – no need to be scouring the menu for animal products or ‘Syns’, Pink Pearl has you covered. Dietary requirements are also no problem at all, just speak to staff and they’ll do their best to accommodate those who need the menu adapting.

The menu can be browsed on the website, and they even offer a takeaway menu just in case you have a hankering for some good quality food. If you’re local to the area, let me know what you think the comments – and give me a recommendation of what to order next time we visit!

Some images on this post have been provided by The Pink Pearl Restaurant for this review. All experiences are my own. If you do not wish your image to appear here please e-mail me on!

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