Become A Tiger Protector With The WWF

* I was sent this book to review.

What would you do if you opened your door on a stormy night, and discovered one of the worlds most majestic animals cowering on your doorstep needing help? Megan will be finding out tomorrow, thanks to @iChildUK and the @WWF_UK. The WWF are fighting the cause for our striped friends – while tiger numbers in the wild are increasing (there are around 3,900 accounted for) they still need our on going protection from poachers, illegal body part traders and tiger farms.


We had a wonderful little goody bag arrive last week and I’m looking forward to sharing it with Megan – it included two lovely key chains featuring the tiger in all her glory, and a polar bear. There was lots of information about the new WWF campaign involving the tiger, as well as a few other goodies – but the crowning glory was this beautifully illustrated, personalised book just for Megan.

This beautiful story highlights the plight of the tiger in a child friendly, whimsical way but it loses none of its seriousness. A child (Megan in our case), discovers a tiger at our door with an injured paw. She nurses it back to health while hiding it from her Dad (‘Daddy likes tigers, but he wouldn’t like one in the house…‘) and eventually they build up a mutually respective relationship yet she knows the tiger pines to go back home. She dreams she helps her new friend go home, only to find herself and the tiger in the poachers sights – and she vows to always fight for the conservation of the tiger as the big cat leaves her protection.

You and your child can become Tiger Protectors, just like me and Megan by signing up here. You’ll receive an official certificate congratulating you on your new role, regular updates, a fact pack and of course – your very own copy of The Tiger Protector. It really is never too early to teach our children that animals are something we need to protect and cherish – and this campaign shows exactly how we can instil that into our loved ones without being too dark with the details.

Will you join us?

This post was written in collaboration with the WWF.
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