These Shortcuts Make Healthy Living Easier

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Who has time to really be healthy? There are all these things you’re supposed to do that you can struggle to find the time for. Even if you do have time, you also need to have the energy, willpower, and desire to do them. Staying healthy when you don’t want to dedicate huge amounts of your life to it might seem like it’s tough. But just because you can’t live up to the ideal of the super healthy person, it doesn’t mean you can’t look after your health. You can still keep healthy by using shortcuts that will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. If you want to be healthier, but you don’t want to spend too much time on it, try these shortcuts.

Split Up Your Exercise

Ideally, you should be getting half an hour of moderate exercise each day, at least. Some people might choose to bunch some of this up into longer sessions less frequently. But this can seem like an awful lot of work when you’re busy, especially during the week. One way to make it easier is to split up your exercise time instead. Instead of doing one half-hour workout, spend ten minutes exercising three times a day. Even if you just go for a walk, it makes it easier to get active for ten minutes before work, at lunchtime, and in the evening.

Treat Yourself to Prepared Fruit and Veg

Getting a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables is essential for a balanced diet. It can feel like a lot of pressure though, especially when you feel like you need to have a certain number of portions every day. Preparing fruit and veg and getting it into your meals can be pretty time-consuming. An easy way to address this is to use prepared foods, which are easy to put straight into your meal or eat as a snack. As well as using pre-chopped vegetables, you can enjoy dried fruit and trays of veg for dipping. Just be careful about the amount of packaging if you want to be eco-friendly.

Use an Online Doctor

Everyone can find it hard to make time to see a doctor. It’s easy to put something out of your mind and pretend it doesn’t matter if it means not having to take time off work. However, there are ways you can save time, so you don’t have to spend so long seeing a doctor. The internet has allowed pretty much everything to be online, including doctors. You can make an appointment to speak to a doctor through a video chat for many issues. Of course, it’s not ideal for every problem, but it can be useful for a range of more minor health complaints.

Get Medication Online

As well as speaking to a doctor online, you can often get hold of different medications online too. There are lots of over-the-counter medicines that you can easily order, so you don’t have to take a trip to your nearest store or pharmacy. On top of that, you can even get some medications that require a prescription. If you’ve used a particular birth control in the past, you can request your contraceptive pill online for a repeat prescription from an online doctor. Sometimes doctors can write you new prescriptions too. You can’t do this for everything, but it does work well for some things, especially repeat prescriptions.

Take Naps

You should get roughly eight hours of sleep each night to feel refreshed the next day. This can be pretty tough though, especially if you’re busy or have kids who wake you up. But when you don’t get enough sleep, it can leave you feeling tired in the afternoon and exhausted by bedtime. One way to help solve this is to become a fan of power napping. Getting in a quick nap during the day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes can help to refresh you. However, be careful. If you sleep too long, you could wake up feeling groggy and find it a struggle to get to sleep at night.


Clean Up Quickly

Maintaining good hygiene is essential if you want to stay healthy. Ideally, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water anytime they might be contaminated with bacteria. This can include after going to the toilet, handling raw meat, or spending time out in the garden. However, you don’t always have the time or the facilities to do this. One of the handy ways to address the problem is to have anti-bacterial gel or wipes that you can use to clean your hands. They contain alcohol to help kill bacteria, so you can clean your hands even if you’re on the move, camping, or just far away from a bathroom.

Have a Healthy Breakfast To Go

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, according to many people. But the morning is often one of the busiest parts of your day when you don’t have a lot of time or energy. If you’re slow to get started in the morning or too busy getting little people out the door, making time for a proper breakfast isn’t easy. Grabbing something you can have on-the-go or when you get to work is a good idea, and it can be healthy. If you don’t want to have something prepackaged, prepare something the night before or even at the beginning of the week for each morning.

Use Quick Teeth-cleaning Solutions

Regular brushing and flossing are essential parts of good oral hygiene. Ideally, you’re meant to brush after each meal to keep your teeth clean. However, it’s not always easy or convenient to do that. If you don’t want to brush in the bathroom at work or somewhere else that feels equally strange, you might just skip it all together. As an alternative, chewing sugar-free gum or using a toothpick can both be good. Even just having a drink of water is useful too.

Take these shortcuts to maintain your health without the hassle. You don’t have to use them all the time, but they work when you’re in a bind.

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