Things I’ve Googled About Motherhood

Oh the joys of my search history.

This month has been particularly cruel to me on the motherhood side of things, but I’m sure you know that if you follow me on social media so I won’t moan too much here. I’m going to share my search history (the relevant searches anyway!) for your viewing pleasure. These are genuine, I’m sorry if my stupid shows!

My search history this month:

• Hand Foot & Mouth symptoms
• Hand Foot and Mouth / Foot and Mouth difference
• Sleep regression at 10 months
• Baby breakfast ideas
• Ear infection vs Teething in babies
• Cry it out sleep method
• No cry sleep method
• Is cry it out sleep method cruel?
• Why are my babies toenails peeling?
• Is ringworm a worm?
• When will my post natal hair loss stop?
• Wooden baby toys
• How to clean baby toys
• My baby tried to eat soap, side effects?
• How much sleep does an adult need?
• Sleep deprivation symptoms
• Sleep deprivation death
• Halloween costumes for babies
• Baby Shark Halloween costume
• Baby food Halloween themed
• Baby food pumpkin
• Can nappies be recycled?
• St Helens nappy recycling
• What spices can baby eat?
• Curly hair care for babies
• Self soothing techniques for babies
• Co sleeping
• Co sleeping and relationship with partner
• Co sleeping impact on intimacy

As you can probably tell, sleep had a whole lot to do with last month. Some nights I was down to two hours and it was thought.. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the only time sleep deprivation kicks in and I wanted to research in some sleep techniques.

I don’t know how comfortable I am with leaving Baby Button to cry – so no, not that method. Co sleeping? No. He’s been in his own cot since he was born, I’m not undoing all that work. The only other thing I can do is let him lead and go with it I suppose. It’s hard sometimes remembering that he’s only been on this planet for ten months, he’s doing a whole host of other cool stuff — who needs sleep anyway?

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