This (and last) Week In Photos #3

I fell behind!

We’ve hit the dreaded ‘four month sleep regression’ and while I’ll post about that in the future – let me share a few weeks in photographs so you can see what we’ve been up to.

1. Baby Button is so much more alert to the world around him now. He’s 16 weeks old and I can’t believe just how much he’s blossomed in those 16 weeks. He chats to you in his own little way, sits up and is attempting to crawl – I don’t know where he finds the time!

2. Sleep regression. I thought he was settled into a nighttime routine until this week.. I’m lucky if I get three hours sleep at the moment.

3. This Easter he was spoiled with some toys I’ve wanted for him for a while – a dinosaur rattle and striped knitted dinosaur from Molly Dolly. I’ve entered so many giveaways to try win one for him to no avail – so when a package arrived with two dinosaurs tucked inside I was thrilled. My Grandmother had sent them – she knows me so well, and it looks like that has passed on to Baby Button too.

4. The baby monitor jitters. Before the 16 week injections, teething and sleep regression Baby Button had a routine. That meant I could have some simple luxuries such as getting a bath, or watching a film undisturbed – or, trying to do the above while constantly looking to the baby monitor.

5. Teletubbies is now a firm favourite of my favourite overlord. Hey Duggee comes in at a close second.

6. We took a surprise trip to Bradford to visit my family – turning up on their doorstep with no warning. Baby Button was perfectly behaved all the way there and back which I was worried about – but he seems to take car journeys in his stride at the moment. I hope that continues!

7. I have pretty bad teeth. This month I’ve faced up to that and visited the dentist to get them fixed. I have one more session and I’ll have my smile back, but this photograph is courtesy of waiting in the waiting room as my mouth numbed… Followed by a surprise root canal.

8. Still appreciating the time we spend cuddling. Will this ever get old?

9. So we had a ‘date day’ and went along to Manchester Gin Festival. Have you seen the vlog yet?

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