Our Week In Photographs (One)

1. It’s been another cold one this week with snow and wind battering us once more. It all makes me glad that we invested in some good pieces to keep Baby Button warm when we went out on walks. This baby blue fur-bobble hat is from Primark and always slides down over his eyes. I prefer a hat my Grandmother hand knitted, but this one is just as warm and snug for when we get out into the elements.

2. Sleep routines are slowly coming into place thank goodness. We have a little man who won’t sleep on his back, but he’s strong enough to move his head around now so I’m much more comfortable with him sleeping on his front.

3. We also have playtime now. Either laid on a playmat, laid on his changing mat when he needs a distraction or even in his ‘big boy’ Rainforest Jumperoo. We were lucky enough to have the Jumperoo given to us before little Button was even here and he’s making such good use of it right now. He loves to bounce! I have to make sure he has a box underneath though as his toes don’t quite touch the floor just yet.

4 & 5. More playtime. This time having some interaction on the playmat! He’s getting used to his arm and leg movements so getting to flail around on the mat makes him a happy little boy.

6. All the Smyths Toy Store competitions went live this week as they celebrated the launch of The Baby Room. Did you enter?

7, 8 & 9. Various prints that Baby Button has worn this week. From dinosaurs on his Aldi sleeping bag, to whales on his NEXT sleep suit which we got second hand – he has an ever expanding wardrobe.

10, 11 & 12. We went on our first outing as a little family to Risley Moss. Wrapped up warm we actually went out as a distraction because I was upset my family coming over from Bradford had been snowed off for the second week running. I miss my family dearly living in the North West, and the road traversing the Peninnes gets the brunt of all terrible weather so they got cut off. They did battle over the next day and I got my little family reunion though!

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