Our Week In Photographs (Two)

1. I braved public transport with Baby Button for the first time! I did post about it because it feels like such an accomplishment.

2. When I had some work to do, I got my new tech support to give Mike a hand on the desktop. It’s probably a given that someone myself and Mike created likes computers but.. I didn’t expect to see him geeking out at three months though.

3. I took this snuggled up in bed with Baby Button, having chosen to stay with him rather than go to the local rugby league game. He’s just getting into a routine when it comes to night time and sleeping – I don’t want to lose that.

I used to eyeroll when parents gushed about their children – now I find myself staring at my own for hours without realising!

4. An older photo but we’ve been working on sounds and movements lately – and bringing a mirror into our playtime. I’m pretty sure he thinks it’s another baby he’s taking to rather than his own reflection!

5. Someone has his first pair of shoes!

6. I love Sudacrem. I use it for Baby Button as well as if I get a cheeky little spot that needs zapping – this stuff is magical. Not to mention there is something incredibly satisfying about slithering the thick cream on!

7. Coffee. I’m a bit of a coffee snob but the Aldi Alcafe Barista Style coffee is the love child of Millicano and Nescafe Azera – it’s delicious. I look forward to getting up and having a coffee these days!

8. I’ve already mentioned I’ve been working on night routines. We had our first 8 hour sleep this week! It’s been a long road and I’m sure there will be more than a few more bumps.. But he’s improved so much.

9. Last but not least, we’ve been filming some fun vlogs lately.. Can you guess by the teaser photo just what we’ve been doing? Subscribe to Tilly Button on YouTube to know first!

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