Tips for Freshening Up Your Home

Sometimes we need to freshen up our homes, and there are countless reasons why. You might be someone who likes to prepare your home for each new season, maybe the time has come to change the colour of the walls or you need more space so are looking at an extension and remodelling. Whatever your reasons for making changes to your home, here are some suggestions on how you can give it a new look.


First of all, let’s discuss the easiest way to make changes to the home without spending too much money. Keeping our homes feeling fresh is an important thing to do, in part that is because the state of your living space can have a big impact on your mental health. With that in mind, consider decorating your home to create positivity in the home through colours and organisation.

Different colours have varied impacts on our psyche and acknowledging that is the first step to improving your home for more than just aesthetics. Pale versions of colours like yellow, blue and green create a relaxing atmosphere and it the case of the latter two a calming environment. Nobody should feel on edge in their own home, so making these relatively small changes will be beneficial to you long term.

One other way that you can improve the impact your home is having on you and your family is to increase the amount of natural light. That means looking into options that will see the light from the daytime illuminate your rooms rather than using electricity and closed curtains. Natural light will give you a creative and energy boost that can’t be underestimated.


If you think that your home needs more than a lick of paint and some new furniture, then you should be looking into renovation. One of the more popular things to do with a house that needs building work is to have an extension either in the loft or on the back. Both of these options will create extra space and the reasons for having them are different. A loft extension is good for a new bedroom whereas a garden extension is better if you need an office space or spare room.

If you do decide to go down the route of renovation, make sure you plan well in advance some of the intricacies that go with having major work done on your home. You should make sure that you have somewhere to store your belongings that will be moved by the work like Now Storage. You should also be prepared to take your family out of the house in case of bad weather or on the advice of the construction team. Don’t forget, you’re going to have a major hole in your home at some point during this renovation, and you might not want to be there when you do.

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