Traditional Home Decor is Back in Style

For some time, the most popular interior design trends going around were modern and minimalist. It was all about neutral colours, blank spaces and utilizing as little as possible while still retaining a comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately, this involved purchasing a lot of “modern” furniture that was surprisingly expensive despite the simpler designs. To make things worse, modern and minimalist were the only design themes featured in interior design magazines for a long time, causing many people to assume that it was the next big trend and thus, start designing their homes around it.

While minimalism has some advantages that can have a positive effect on your life, people are starting to realize that the swap to minimalism has alienated them from the cosy and traditional feel of how our homes used to be. That’s why there is a lot of recent demand for cottage-style houses that are nestled close to scenic views and nature.

Traditional decor allows for more personalisation

Although modern decor certainly has a place for personalisation, photographs and memorabilia look much more at home when sitting together with traditional home decor.

Traditional decor doesn’t fuss with the small details

Modern decor has a lot of symbolism attached to it, meaning you might occasionally stress over very small details like something not being perfectly centred or a piece of furniture being a slightly different shade of colour to your walls. Traditional decor doesn’t care about this, meaning you have a lot less stress to deal with.

Traditional decor is usually a lot cheaper

This is generally true only because “modern” decor is incredibly expensive because all of the big-name designers are pumping out furnishing items that not only look cheap but also often feel cheap. Traditional decor prices remain relatively unchanged and you can even include antique pieces that would otherwise look gaudy in a modern home.

Traditional decor can evoke a sense of nostalgia

There’s nothing quite like a nostalgic country house to get the memories flowing. You could add something traditional and practical like a wood heater from Ultimate Fires, or even large shelves to create your own quiet library-like study area. This type of decor is all about sticking to designs that have been passed from generation to generation, meaning it can evoke some serious sense of nostalgia if designed correctly.

Traditional decor is timeless

Comfortable sofas, relaxing colour palettes and cosy feelings are always timeless because they’re not only practical but just plain, simple and effective. You can never go wrong with traditional home decor and even in a future where we may have flying cars and hoverboards, traditional decor will still have a home in the hearts of many.

So if you’re considering switching your traditional home into something a little more modern and minimalist, don’t! You don’t have to change your decor around to fit with modern “standards” and there’s something charming about a home that never changes in personality despite every other home around it trying to fit with modern design trends.

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