We Need To Talk About Parking!

Hey, drivers. We need to talk. I’d love to reassure you and say ‘it’s not you, it’s me!’ but no. It’s most definitely you.

Can you repeat after me?

Pavement is for people, the road is for cars.

Pavement is for people, the road is for cars.


While I appreciate it’s a long way from your car to the front door, parking on the pavement really doesn’t give you much aside from the scathing looks from people in wheelchairs, those with visual impairments, those with mobility issues and my category – the pram pushing mum brigade.

When you park so selfishly, you are forcing people out in the road to go around your steel reinforced car, with their delicate fleshy bodies. I’m sure leaving the car an extra few feet away from your home is a huge ask, and goodness knows the damage and atrocities that could happen to your car so far out of your sight.. But your car is pretty hardy, and other cars tend to avoid your car pretty well.

Me, however, sticking my head out to see if the cars are stopping so I can venture out into the road with my baby.. I’m not so hardy. Neither is the infant in my pram that you are putting in danger every single time you park so badly.

It isn’t the job of other drivers to stop traffic flow so I can get the pram off of the kerb, around your car and up the kerb on the other side. Nor is it the job of other pedestrians to stop the traffic so I can do the same – that’s not just me and my baby you’ve put at risk but others too. I was lucky today, I had to pass when others were around – others may not be so lucky.

Stop parking so selfishly, it isn’t hard. Just stop parking on the pavement. Pavement is for people, the road is for cars!

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