The Start Of Our Journey Into Solid Food

He’s growing so quickly! As he enters his fourth month in the world, I made the decision (with support of course) to start weaning Baby Button. This is something I want to document, and share on So I’m starting that today with a ‘Pre-Weaning‘ post being honest with how I feel and sharing any worries I might have about starting our journey into food.

Baby puree, with sliced apple.

Worries I Have Around Weaning..

Obviously these are very personal. I’m going to be trying to be completely transparent and honest during our journey into solids – and that means sharing even the silliest of my worries.


Obviously, this is a huge worry of mine. I’ve actually seen a child choke before on a Sweetheart sweet, and it’s haunted me ever since. I read horror stories about mini eggs and grapes, it literally makes me feel sick. I think I might have to look into some sort of first aid course so I feel a little more confident of what I’d do in that situation.

Allergic reactions

Another issue I’ve read horror stories about. This one can’t be helped though, and I’m sure I’ll deal with it if it ever happens. It doesn’t stop me worrying though. From dairy to gluten, the world of food allergies is so expansive these days – and with some being incredibly serious and life threatening like a peanut allergy? I just hope I can spot one fast.


Oh the judgement.

Mum’s can definitely be very harsh critics, and I find my anxieties fluttering just in case I do something wrong or too early.. Parenting is a huge learning curve for everyone, and we all do it very differently. If you do read this series, please do so with and open mind. I’m always happy to take on criticism, but please keep in mind parenting isn’t just written down in a rulebook!

Hidden Nasties

I’m pretty protective about just what Baby Button is going to be eating at this stage. I’m hoping to make a lot of his pureed food, although I do know that won’t always be practical especially with a house move in the next few weeks/months – so I’m going to be scrutinising labels and being nitpicky. When I first told people I wanted to make a lot of his foods at home as opposed to buying it, I got eyerolls and big sighs – but as I’m at home with him, and I have the time, I don’t see why not!

Apple puree!

Did you have any worries when you began weaning? Are there any resources you recommend? I’ve already ordered the heavily recommended book by Annabel Karmel, although I picked it up second hand from Amazon so how much of the meal planning pullouts arrive will depend on the previous owner.

Preparing for next week I have my ice cube trays, broccoli ready to steam along with carrots – and some petit pois in the freezer as the Cow & Gate Weaning Plan gave me those three recipes to begin with.

Wish us luck!

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